Sitran SL

IN-SITU - Sitran SL


SITRANS SL is a diode laser gas analyzer with a measuring principle based on the specific light absorption of different gas components.

SITRANS SL is suitable for fast, non-contact measurement of gas concentrations in process or flue gases.

An analyzer consisting of transmitter and receiver units (sensors) is used for each measuring point.

The hardware for further processing of the measured signal into a concentration value, as well as the monitoring, control and communication functions, are integrated in these two main modules.

The sensors are designed for operation under harsh environmental conditions.


The FIDAMAT 6 gas analyzer is distinguished by its wide range of applications:

  • With high dust load

  • In hot, humid, corrosive, explosive, or toxic gases

  • In applications showing strong varying gas compositions

  • Under harsh environmental conditions at the measuring point

  • Highly selective, i.e. mostly without cross-sensitivities

Special features of the SITRANS SL:

  • Little installation effort

  • Minimum maintenance requirements

  • Extremely rugged design

  • High long-term stability through built-in, maintenance-free reference gas cell

  • Real-time measurements

  • Moreover, the analyzer provides warning and error messages:

  • When maintenance is required

    With large variations in the reference signal

  • If the transmission violates an upper or lower limit