Micro Sam



The MicroSAM is a miniaturized process gas chromatograph (GC) in an Ex d enclosure. Through consistent use of microsystem technology silicon wafer technology), all analytical components are concentrated in the smallest possible area.
The design particularly enables a distributed installation close to the process.


  • The distributed field installation reduces investment costs, and opens up new fields of application, e.g.:

    Installation in plant areas where mounting within an analyzer shed is not possible.

    Installation at remote locations without extended infrastructure

  • Reduction in laboratory analyses through online measurements

  • Low space requirements in analysis cabinets reduce investment costs

  • Low maintenance effort and gas/energy consumption reduce operating costs

  • Live injection permits representative sample injections

  • Maintenance-free, valveless separating column switching with electronic pressure controllers

  • The use of several micro thermal conductivity detectors (multidetection) provides exact measuring results and also validation possibilities

  • Versatile networking possibilities for central maintenance and secure data transfer

  • Remote monitoring with Windows-based software and Ethernet communication

  • Simplified servicing through replacement of modules