Sitras CV



The SITRANS CV gas chromatograph (GC), which is based on the innovative analytical technology of the MicroSAM, is an analyzer that has been specially developed for natural gas analysis.

The device concept enables the higher and lower calorific value, standard density and Wobbe index (according to ISO, AGA 8, Gost standard) to be determined in a way that is not only cost-effective, but also quick, precise and reliable.


Flexible installation: The rugged and compact design enables installation in even extreme areas of application, such as offshore exploration, or directly at the pipeline. The SITRANS CV has the certification required (such as explosion protection or splashwater protection) to meet the requirements of these applications.

Like the MicroSAM, the SITRANS CV consists of a basic unit and an analysis module, which, if necessary, can be replaced in as short a time as possible. Combined with low power and gas consumption, this keeps operating costs down.

Notable features of the CVControl software, which has been specially developed for calibration-related applications, includes its ease of operation and transparency.

The automatic method optimization integrated in the software increases the repeatability of the calorific value measurement and reduces the cost of ownership.

The serial RS 485/RS 232 and Ethernet interfaces enable communication with both the control system and a flow computer.

Like the MicroSAM, the unit’'s high analytical capability can be attributed to narrow-bore capillary columns, live injection, live switching and in-line detection.