Siprocess UV 600

Siprocess UV600


TThe function of the SIPROCESS UV600 gas analyzer is based on UV resonance absorption spectrometry. It also is used to measure very low NO, NO2, SO2 or H2S concentrations in gases.


  • For NO, NO2, SO2: Very low cross-sensitivity with other gases

  • All modules are thermostatically-controlled, and thus independent of the ambient temperature

  • Simultaneous measurement of NO and NO2 with subsequent calculation of total. Therefore neither an NO2 converter nor a CLD analyzer is required.

  • Measurement in the UV range:

    No cross-sensitivity with H2O and CO2

    Very low SO2 and NO measuring ranges possible

  • UV resonance absorption spectrometry:

    Measurement of very low NO concentrations

  • Very long service life of UV lamp (usually 2 years)

  • Low drifts and high stability thanks to four-channel measuring method with double generation of quotient

  • True reference measurement for low-drift, stable results

  • Interface for remote monitoring in networks and linking to process control systems

  • Optional calibration unit

    Filter wheel with calibration cells which can be automatically swung into the optical path

    Low consumption of calibration gas