Fidamat 6

Fidamat 6


The FIDAMAT 6 gas analyzer is suitable for the determination of the total hydrocarbon content in the air and high-boiling gas mixtures.


The FIDAMAT 6 gas analyzer is distinguished by its wide range of applications:

  • In the presence of up to 100% H2O vapor

  • In ultra-pure gas applications

  • With high-boiling components (up to 200 °C)

  • In the presence of corrosive gases (with preliminary filter).

  • The FIDAMAT 6 exhibits:

  • Extremely low cross-sensitivity to interfering gases

  • Low consumption of combustion air

  • Low influence of oxygen on measured value

  • The analyzer is additionally equipped with warning and fault messages:

  • For failure of combustion gas

  • If the flame is extinguished

  • To indicate pump and filter faults