Ultramat 23

Ultramat 23


The ULTRAMAT 23 gas analyzer can measure up to 4 gas components at once: A maximum of three infrared sensitive gases such as CO, CO2, NO, SO2, CH4 and in addition O2 with an electrochemical oxygen measuring cell.

ULTRAMAT 23 basic versions for:

  • - 1 infrared gas component with/without oxygen measurement
  • - 2 infrared gas components with/without oxygen measurement
  • - 3 infrared gas components with/without oxygen measurement


  • AUTOCAL with ambient air (depends on measured component) High efficiency so no calibration gas and accessories required

  • High selectivity by multiple layer detectors, e.g. small cross sensitivity to water vapor

  • Cleanable sample cells, cost saving in further use in case of pollution

  • Menu-assisted operation in plain text, operation control without manual, high operator safety

  • Service information and log book, preventive maintenance; help for service and maintenance personnel, cost reduction

  • Coded operator level against unauthorized access, increased safety.

  • Open interface architecture (RS 485, RS 232; PROFIBUS, SIPROM GA);simplified process integration, remote control